Monday, April 28, 2014

Dick Shreve, candidate for Lake County commissioner

Shreve, 53, is a greenhouse business owner and member of North Perry Village Council for 23 years.
Shreve would look to provide easier access and support for businesses to conduct operations in the county, provide leadership on intergovernmental relations and focus on common sense leadership.
He said all three of these areas start with good communication and the openness to all parties involved with the ability to look at all the options available in a common sense manner.
He said 35 years in business and more than 22 years in local government gives him the experience to represent county residents with confidence.

Kimberly Laurie, candidate for Lake County commissioner

Kimberly Laurie, 33, is a full-time office manager and a part-time Realtor making her first attempt at elected county office.
She considers herself active in the Liberty movement and has worked to create positive changes in representation and governance.
Laurie said her decision to run for office is a result of continual disappointment and frustration with the political candidates presented to us by establishment Republicans.
She aims to work to lower taxes, increase transparency and reestablish strong local sovereignty to protect against overreach by the federal government.

Christopher A. Galloway, candidate for Lake County commissioner

Galloway, 41, is a political consultant and he has served as a Concord Township trustee since 2006.
He said the county needs new proven leadership and aims to improve county budgeting and operations, economic development planning, and communication and cooperation with local officials and communities.
He said during his time as trustee the township has grown its budget surplus to $7 million through conservative budgeting and spending less than what is collected despite challenging times.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Linda O'Brien, candidate for Ohio House of Representatives District 76

O’Brien is a business consultant who looks to win her first election to public office.
She said her work experience has helped companies for more than 20 years become more productive and profitable.
O'Brien believes she knows how to create jobs and build a stronger economy.
She said her vote is not for sale to special interest groups and aims to protect the rights of parents to direct the education and upbringing of their children and she stands against Common Core.
O’Brien would work to end Obamacare and defend citizens from government overreach and burdensome taxes.

Sarah LaTourette, candidate for Ohio House 76th District

LaTourette plans to work to ensure the people of the Ohio’s 76th House District have a partner in Columbus who will look out for their interests.
She said the state needs to continue to reform and streamline the tax code, cut burdensome regulation and continue our aggressive push to attract and grow new jobs..
She said the state needs to focus on preparing students for the modern workforce by increasing efforts for science, technology, engineering and math education.
LaTourette said the Republican Party needs to unify behind a positive agenda to move the state forward to continue growth.

Dennis N. LoConti for Lake County Common Pleas Court Judge

Dennis N. LoConti said he would seek to involve schools with local attorneys to develop a broader-based program of educating students about specific laws to show the negative impact criminal conduct can have.

Ron Graham for Lake County Common Pleas Court Judge

Ron Graham would like to continue to have cases heard within one year of filing just as Judge Joe Gibson does now. He thinks it is important to have a Drug Court in Common Pleas.