Friday, November 1, 2013

Donna Green for Huron School Board

Donna Green
Green, 61, who is currently a board member, said she will focus on financial oversight, technology and curriculum.
“Budget cuts begin with an assessment by the school board, the superintendent and treasurer,” Green said. “We look at every line item to ascertain areas where we can reduce expenses and eliminate deficit spending, We then examine how much we can spend to maintain or improve current achievement levels.
“I think the strategic plan, in conjunction with teachers, administrators and the community, should also be consulted for input as to changes or cuts.”
The board will need to decide on having technology in the classroom, Green said. Technology is important in the classroom, especially in 2013, but it can be expensive.
In regards to the curriculum, she said she would like to see more practical, real-life requirements put into the curriculum.
The school board needs informed, skilled and thoughtful citizens who will monitor district finances, evaluate and adopt policies, manage the collective bargaining process and oversee the superintendent and treasurer positions, Green said.
“The behavior board members show at meetings and in the community directly influences the impression residents and outsiders have of the school district, and indirectly, the community at large,” she said. “I made executive decisions based on what I thought was in the best interest of our students and staff. I hope the citizens of Huron concur.”

-- Kaylee Remington, Morning Journal article from Nov. 1, 2013

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