Friday, November 1, 2013

Sherry Catri for Huron School Board

Sherry Catri
Catri, 48, said that if she were elected to the school board, she would focus on the Third Grade Reading Guarantee, career and college readiness and look at accountability within the organization.
“As a regular attendee of the board meetings, it is clear that Huron has already started looking at the Third Grade Reading Guarantee and has implemented teaching techniques and learning strategies to give each student the support he or she needs to be able to learn and achieve,” Catri said. “With my background in education and my master’s degree concentrating on literacy, I understand how children learn to read and what current research shows about reading ability and academic success in the upper grade levels.”
Catri said she will back programs that support struggling readers and promote the school district, partnering with parents and the community.
In regards to career and college readiness, Catri said board members should understand the challenges that the district and students are facing.
During the last 16 months, she said she has asked for public records because there is a real issue with accountability.
“After going through hundreds of pages of documents, it is clear to me that previous boards have not held themselves, the former superintendent and the treasurer accountable,” she said. “An atmosphere was created that led to what I believe was bad behavior which was financed by the Huron taxpayer. I do not make this accusation without strong, supporting evidence. The previous board gave the previous superintendent too much power and he abused it.”

-- Kaylee Remington, Morning Journal article from Nov. 1, 2013

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