Friday, November 1, 2013

Scott Slocum for Huron School Board

Scott Slocum
Slocum, 50, who is currently on the school board, said if re-elected, he would like to improve community engagement, improve labor relations and continue to be fiscally responsible.
“We now have a leadership team focused on community engagement, reflecting a new tone in the district,” Slocum said. “We intend to partner with the city on projects, which will help both the city and district share resources and be more fiscally responsible.
“We are developing a formal strategic plan to be rolled out in 2014 which will include community input.”
In regards to labor relations, Slocum said he has 20 years of labor relations experience which has gone “untapped” for the last eight years.
“Our employee morale is high right now,” he said. “I have heard this from many employees in the past month. I understand that treating employees with respect and following contract language ultimately saves the district money. Good labor relations is good business.”
The district also needs to keep on the same path of being fiscally responsible.
“This year, the district negotiated a successful contract with classified employees, saving the district $100,000 annually,” Slocum said. “And $652,000 in cost saving measures has been identified for the 2013-14 school year. Additionally, expenditures held to a 1.9 percent increase in 2012 – lower than the rate of the inflation and an improvement over 2011.”

-- Kaylee Remington, Morning Journal article from Nov. 1, 2013

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