Friday, October 25, 2013

Albert Borroni for Oberlin School Board

Albert Borroni
This is Borroni’s first time running for public office.
If elected, Borroni 50, said he would like to focus on the state of the school’s infrastructure while considering the financial and educational pros and cons of continued maintenance versus consolidation or new construction.
“The infrastructure is breaking down and will cost money to repair,” he said. “We are spending way too much money on heating, cooling and electricity, and the space is not necessarily conducive to 21st Century teaching and learning.”
Borroni is also interested in learning more about the cause of the drop in academic achievement scores seen at the middle school. He said he would use his time on the board to continue investigating this issue.
“Why are our students doing so well in the high school and (grades) 3-5, but not so well in between?” he asked. “How much better could they be doing in high school if they didn’t have that short setback in middle school?”
Borroni said his work at Oberlin College provides a strong background for evaluating educational initiatives and preparing students for the future.

-- Jon Wysochanski, Morning Journal article from Oct. 25, 2013

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