Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Eileen Bulan for Vermilion mayor

Eileen Bulan 
Bulan, 67, of 710 Vermilion Road, is seeking her second term as mayor.
A Cleveland native, Bulan also has worked in several positions for the city including clerk of council, assistant to the mayor and director of public service. She has a bachelor’s degree in business management from David Myers College.
Bulan also has served as board members for numerous service and development organizations. She and her husband, Richard, have two grown children and four grandchildren.
She said she is running again to continue improving all the roads in the city.
“Just this past May, the citizens of Vermilion passed the first ever income tax for roads,” Bulan said. “This levy passed with a 75 percent positive vote in every ward of the city. This is a mandate from our residents to use these funds only to improve our streets. The City Council and I are developing a plan for repaving our streets and have begun to implement this plan.  We now have the funds available to improve the streets in Vermilion.”
Vermilion also has received more than $7 million in grant funds in the last four years, Bulan said. She pledged to continue to pursue grant funding for the city.
“Vermilion also has grants for 80 percent of funding for our major arterial roads in the city, for the Highbridge Road Bridge and traffic light improvements,” Bulan said. “I will now seek more grants to pay for the balance of these improvements.”
She’s also a board member of Team Lorain County and the Erie County Economic Development organization.
“Both of these organizations work to bring economic growth and new jobs to the community,” Bulan said. “I will continue to follow up on all leads and work toward the development of new jobs in our community as well as the entire region. Jobs are important for the entire Lorain and Erie County region.”
Bulan said Vermilion voters should elect her because she truly cares about the city and its future.
“I bring leadership and 30 years’ experience to this city position,” she said. “In just four short years, I have been able to bring the city back from an ‘unauditable’ state audit in 2009 and negative balances in several funds to a balanced budget. We have been able to pass an income tax levy and have brought millions of dollars of grant funds to the community.
“The City Council and I work collaboratively toward our goal of moving Vermilion forward. With a lot of hard work and dedication by our local government, and volunteer citizens, we have just been named the Best Hometown by Ohio Magazine. I pledge to work tirelessly for the betterment of our community.”

-- Richard Payerchin, Morning Journal article from Oct. 22, 2013

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