Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Paul Vincent for Bay Village Council

Paul Vincent
Vincent, 31, is currently an attorney at Mills, Mills, Fiely and Lucas, as well as the co-owner of Guys Pizza in Cuyahoga Falls.
“Utilizing my experience as a family man, attorney and pizza shop owner, I am committed to asking tough questions and providing a new perspective to City Council,” said the registered Democrat.
“In each decision I make, I will only vote after asking tough questions and being convinced that each action is in the best interest of Bay Village residents.”
There are three key elements that Vincent said he plans to improve if elected.
First, Vincent said he would work to make the government more open and accessible.
“I’d work to broadcast council meetings, hold monthly town hall meetings, update ward residents by email and twitter and integrate council member e-mail addresses to the city server,” he said.
Second, Vincent would like to build up and promote more community events.
He said he hopes to build community bonding through events that residents can enjoy together.
Finally, Vincent hopes to set up a system to help out returning veterans and seniors.
“I’d work to make a network of volunteer residents to utilize their business networks to help returning veterans transition home after serving our country,” he said. “I’d also request volunteers to assist our seniors in clearing their driveways in the winter and leaves in the fall. These tasks are small but significant to our residents.”

-- Jon Behm, Morning Journal article from Oct. 30, 2013

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