Thursday, October 24, 2013

Vida LePage for Richmond Heights School Board

Vida LePage
LePage has been a resident of Richmond Heights for the past 111/2 years. She said she would like to increase the overall rigor at every level, especially in math, reading and science. She also would like to see more Advanced Placement classes.
“Although our district participates in the Excel T.E.C.C. program at Mayfield High School, and some students take advantage of the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options at Cuyahoga Community College or Lakeland Community College, there are parents that would prefer to have their children receive high quality, college-level classes without leaving the Richmond Heights Secondary School campus,” she said.
She also said she would like to see improvement of the district’s physical facilities. LePage said this would need to be done with community input, “as it will take ongoing long-term planning for the future.”
“Our schools impact our property values and all aspects of our community. In order to maintain a vibrant, diverse community, we must attract new families to Richmond Heights,” she said.

-- Andrew Cass, News-Herald article from Oct. 24, 2013

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