Monday, October 28, 2013

Michael Friedman for Beachwood City Council

Michael Friedman
Friedman is a lifelong resident of Beachwood. He said communication is very important to him and thinks he would be a great liaison between the people of Beachwood and City Council.
“I would listen to what they had to say and do my best to resolve their issues,” he said.
He also said the homes in Beachwood are aging and a lot of home buyers are looking at other suburbs because they “feel they can get a better value.” He said he would to look into it and try to get more people to move to the city.
Friedman also said negative publicity about the city bothers him.
“Most of it comes from people that do not listen to the whole story,” he said. “I want to be able to represent our community well and keep as much negative (publicity) away as I can.”

-- Andrew Cass, News-Herald article from Oct. 28, 2013

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