Monday, October 28, 2013

Anthony J. DiCicco Jr. for Mayfield Heights mayor

Anthony J. DiCicco Jr.
Serving as mayor since February, DiCicco said he has already worked to promote city growth.
“I have already taken some steps to ensure the city is headed in the right direction,” he said.
One of the main goals he would like to achieve if he is elected, would be increasing economic development.
“I instituted the Job Creation and Retention Grant, which already has attracted a large company to our corporate park,” he said. “I also have reorganized the duties of our compliance officer so we now have an economic development point person.”
He will be continuing to focus on housing stock, to make sure complaints and issues are taken care off, as well as making the departments of City Hall open and accountable to residents.
DiCiccio knows he is the right candidate for the job.
“I live in Mayfield Heights, my family’s business has been here for 49 years and I am raising my family here,” he said.  “I have no agenda other than what is best for the city and it’s residents.”

-- Amy Popik, News-Herald article from Oct. 26, 2013

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