Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kenneth Gauntner Jr. for Madison Township Trustee

Kenneth Gauntner Jr. hasn’t served an elected position, but he isn’t a new face to government office in Madison Township or Lake County, serving as administrator for both governments — the township between 1982 and 1988 and the county between 1989 and 2009. Before those positions, Gauntner also had served various positions in the Lake County Engineer Department. If elected, Gauntner said he would like to explore creating a police district between the village and township to save on expenses. Gauntner also said he would like to expand the sanitary pipe system around the Route 20 corridor to attract more commercial and light manufacturing businesses and improve the township’s tax base. Lastly, Gauntner said he wants to pave more roads with asphalt versus tar and chip and draft an in-depth analysis of the proposed drainage improvement projects and prioritize them in accordance to spending. “I have a thorough understanding of how local government functions and what it takes to accomplish goals and find consensus among people,” he said. “I have a long track record and reputation for getting things done, be it a road improvement project, new building construction (or) renovation, street lighting district, public safety improvements or new water and sewer lines.”

Simon HustedThe News-Herald article from Oct. 22, 2013

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