Monday, October 28, 2013

Robert J. DeJohn for Mayfield Heights City Council

Robert J. DeJohn
If re-elected, DeJohn said he will work to attract businesses to the area, improve services for senior citizens and encourage open communication between all city leaders.
He also has a goal of maintaining the property values in the community.
“(I will) be addressing the enforcement of building codes and ordinances with limited use of variances,” he said. “I will be reviewing, updating and enforcing the Mayfield Heights codified ordinances, (as well).”
DeJohn said he has been “surrounded” by city politics because his father served as a city leader for 28 years, including as a former mayor.
“I believe my skills and abilities, combined with my love for Mayfield Heights, will benefit the city as a council member,” he said. “I will serve with dignity, respect, integrity and most importantly, honesty.”

-- Amy Popik, News-Herald article from Oct. 26, 2013

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