Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Steven Balmert for Avon City Council

Steven Balmert
If made Councilman at-Large, Balmert said he will work to address the proposed city swimming pool, attract more businesses to the city and monitor the federal court’s decision about municipal bonds which could affect the city’s current finances.
Using his professional experience, Balmert said he has the knowledge and skills necessary to serve on Council.
“Voters should elect me because I don’t just sit back and accept things for face value,” he said. “I research the issues and look for solutions. Working in the engineering field, I have had to budget, quote, design, schedule, develop and troubleshoot all different kinds of projects. This has given me the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills that would be needed for the at-Large seat.”

-- Adriana Cuevas, Morning Journal article from Oct. 22, 2013

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