Monday, October 28, 2013

Donna R. Finney for Mayfield Heights mayor

Donna R. Finney
After serving two terms on council as well as serving on Mayfield School Board, Finney said she knows what is best for the city.
“I have always been guided by what is right and what is good for the residents and the city of Mayfield Heights,” she said. “Tough decisions will need to be made and the administration and council must work together to make the right decisions.”
If elected, her main focus would be safety for all residents.
“I will make sure that we will increase our manpower, giving our responsive forces more opportunities to focus on the areas in our city that need to be considered top priority,” she said.
She will also work to make sure rental properties are well maintained and to keep the Mayfield City School graduates in the city. 
Finney is eager to keep serving the people of Mayfield Heights.
“I can make our city a place that one will be proud to call home,” she said. “It is time for new leadership in Mayfield Heights, someone who will be responsive to residents and the needs of our city.”

-- Amy Popik, News-Herald article from Oct. 26, 2013

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