Friday, October 25, 2013

Miesha Headen for Richmond Heights mayor

Miesha Headen
Headen has been a resident of Richmond Heights for the past 11 years. She has served as an at-large member of Richmond Heights City Council since she was elected in 2009. If elected, she would like to expand corporate and retail business in order to increase income tax receipts and “reduce our reliance on burdensome property taxes.” She said Richmond Heights collects $4 for every $1 in property tax and Beachwood collects $7 for every $1 of property tax. She wants to set a goal of $5 of income tax per $1 of property tax within the first 24 months of her administration. She would also like to increase housing values and increase affluence for residents of Richmond Heights. Headen said she met with housing experts in Cuyahoga County regarding housing policy. She said they advised her how to build a better Building Department. “The Richmond Heights Building Department is the only profitable department in the city; therefore, there is the option of adding additional highly qualified and certified staff.” She added that the plan involves taking a proactive approach to the inspection of owner occupied real estate and cracking down on absentee landlords who have gone unmonitored under the current administration. She said she would also like to make recreation programs that serve the entire community a priority.

-- Andrew Cass, News-Herald article from Oct. 19, 2013

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