Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lynda Appel for Westlake City Council

Lynda Appel 
Appel, 51, is currently the webmaster of the Westlake City School District.
A registered Republican, Appel holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan in communications.
Appel said she believes that her commitment to go above and beyond the expected is why citizens should vote for her.
“I am always reaching above and beyond what is expected and with the highest of standards,” she said. “I consistently demonstrate professionalism and a collaborative attitude, paired with creativity, innovation and efficiency.”
From walking through Ward 1, Appel said she believes she has identified three main concerns she would like to address: safety, low taxes and good schools.
Appel believes that while the fire, police and other safety personnel do a fantastic job, other departments should begin to collaborate.
“I support rationalization and collaboration if it optimizes our resources and does not compromise the level of service we have become accustomed to,” she said.
Appel believes that taxes in Westlake should remain low. She also said and that money raised by taxes need to be spent wisely.
Additionally, Appel believes that having a strong school system will keep Westlake a premier city.
“Ward 1 residents recognize the need for a strong public school system,” she said. “They know that without strong schools, their property values will decrease.”
More than anything else, though, Appel says that she wants to be someone who Ward 1 citizens can trust and come to.
“I plan to listen to the concerns of Ward 1, ask questions to gain understanding and make thoughtful decisions that benefit the most people while keeping the goals of the city and the needs of the Ward in balance,” she said.

-- Jon Behm, Morning Journal article from Oct. 29, 2013

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