Friday, October 25, 2013

Richard A. Danks, running for Kirtland School Board

Danks has lived in Kirtland for 25 years and cites fiscal oversight, sustainability and technology as his priorities, if elected.
“Distance learning has become a large part of the delivery of college and workplace education. Extending this capability to K-12 schools will better acquaint students to the environment found in additional learning and workplace experiences,” he wrote in his questionnaire. “An additional benefit is a reduction in carbon footprint through less transportation consuming fewer natural resources and emitting fewer pollutants.”
He cites his past experience as a “long-time civil servant” and record of volunteering with the school district as reasons to be elected.
“In prior years I volunteered as a member of school facilities committee. This group investigated and determined feasibility of capital improvement for the schools and delivered options and alternatives to address expansion that is manifest today,” he wrote. “The time is right to continue that contribution emphasizing long-term care and preservation of the capital investments. I am eager to share my professional experience in facilities management developing cost effective and sustainable strategies for the benefit of the schools and the larger community.”

Caitlin Fertal, The News-Herald article, Oct. 25

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