Thursday, October 24, 2013

Nneka Slade Jackson for Richmond Heights School Board

Nneka Slade Jackson
Slade Jackson has been a resident of Richmond Heights since 2005 and was appointed to the school board in June 2013, filling Carmela Carter’s vacated seat. She said she would like to support the objectives of the school district, which is to focus on student a achievement to “create an environment that enables all students to reach their full potential.
“We believe that the best approach to this is to strengthen our relationship with parents and the community so that we foster the partnership that would aid in driving results for student achievement,” she said.
She said she would like to be the voice for the parents and members of the community.
“So many times there is a disconnect between what parents/community want and what elected officials are actually doing,” Slade Jackson said. “I am striving to eliminate status quo, and to be the bridge and the voice for the community who knows the best approach to excellent schools.” 

-- Andrew Cass, News-Herald article from Oct. 24, 2013

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