Monday, October 28, 2013

Rick Seyer for Middlefield Village Council

Rick Seyer
Seyer, owner of El Hombre Barber Shop in the village, has been involved in Middlefield government for more than 28 years.
Currently a member of council, he has also served as mayor and a township trustee.
“My experience as a small business owner has been beneficial in discussions on how to spend tax dollars,” said Seyer. “Taxpayer dollars are hard-earned dollars and should be spent wisely and with careful consideration.”
Seyer said he is concerned about plant closings in the village and the general downturn in the economy, causing income tax revenues to decline nearly 30 percent.
“New residential, commercial and industrial construction must be encouraged and done properly and will add to the tax base,” he added.
Other goals include creating a wi-fi hot spot in the village, and increasing recreation fees for non-residents to make the department self-sustaining.

-- Tracey Read, News-Herald article from Oct. 26, 2013

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