Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Joshua Thornsberry for Lorain City Council

Joshua Thornsberry
Thornsberry, 32, is seeking his first elected office.
He said he wants to provide a voice to the residents of the 8th ward.
“Once elected, I pledge to be easily accessible and available to the citizens of the 8th ward,” he said. “By staying connected to the citizens, I will be able to go to city hall and fight for the concerns and issues of the people I represent, not the political machine.”
Thornsberry said he would end the unnecessary use of emergency legislation that has recently plagued city hall.
“When legislation is passed under the guise of emergency, it denies the residents of Lorain their right to referendum,” he said. Thornsberry also pledged to be a watchdog over the hard earned tax dollars of the residents of Lorain.
“My first area of research will be benefits extended to elected officials,” he said.
“I am very curious to learn what the city of Lorain is spending on health insurance for City Council members, especially those like myself, who have insurance through my full-time employer. I can think of many other uses of hundreds of thousands of dollars in health insurance premiums being paid for people who should already be insured through their place of employment.”
Thornsberry said he also wants to explore every opportunity to develop our two biggest resources: Lake Erie and our river fronts.

-- Richard Payerchin, Morning Journal article from Oct. 22, 2013

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