Monday, October 7, 2013

Andrew K. Blackley for Chardon Council

Blackley is on the city’s Planning Commission — since 2008 — and a board member for Chardon Tomorrow, which focuses on improving the city’s quality of life, encouraging economic development and preserving its character.
He also is a former city councilman, led the Charter Review Committee this year and has served as municipal engineer in Chardon (from 1993 to 1999), Middlefield and Highland Heights.
The 28-year resident was edged out in the 2007 council election.
His main objective is to implement cost-sharing of road, recreation and infrastructure improvements through collaborations and agreements with surrounding communities and developers.
“It is imperative that the voters elect persons who will place the long-term welfare of the city of Chardon above their political aspirations and have had prior experience in the government and in the management of public affairs,” he said.

Betsy ScottThe News-Herald article Sept. 22

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