Thursday, October 10, 2013

Art Hollis, running for Munson Township Trustee

Art Hollis
Hollis said he wants to better utilize volunteer boards to help lessen the need for hired staff.
“Currently I feel these boards are not being used or consulted prior to some decisions that directly impact their areas of responsibilities. As a result this may waste members’ time and efforts,” he said.
Hollis also proposed outside organizations that use township facilities or property sign a contract and collect a security deposit to cover possible damages.
“My 30 plus years of running manufacturing companies includes all aspects of these businesses. My experience includes human resources, profit and loss responsibilities, meeting payrolls, purchasing materials, sales, engineering reviews and approval, and most importantly customer service,” he said. “By having participation of our citizens, employees, and volunteers we should be able to accomplish our goals.”

--Matt Skrajner, News-Herald article from Oct. 2, 2013

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