Monday, October 7, 2013

Dennis A. Battles, for Geauga County Educational Service Center Board

Dennis A. Battles
Battles said he would like changes made that would enable students in the Ledgemont School District and some of the smaller schools to receive the same level of education as those enrolled in larger, wealthier districts.
He also said that the Ohio Department of Education wants parents to continually pass levies they feel they can’t afford.
On both counts, he noted that changes need to occur at the state funding level.
“I’d like to see all students within Geauga County be prepared on graduation to either enter the workforce or post-secondary education,” he said.
Battles has been a resident of Geauga County for 70 years, serving on the Ledgemont School Board for eight years and on the Geauga ESC Board for 19 years.
He also served in a non-elected position on the Thompson Zoning Commission.
- Jean Bonchak The News-Herald article Sept 27, 2013

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