Thursday, October 17, 2013

George J. Hughes for Mayfield School Board

Hughes would like to make sure all students achieve academic success in each school.
“This can be accomplished by working with the other board members, superintendent and treasurer in both formulating policies that foster that as well as empowering the teachers through appropriate staff development while conforming to the state mandates,” he said.
He wants to work to make the school buildings, sports facilities and playgrounds more secure, through increased training and continued support of safety services, as well as expanding technical programs for students with more courses and opportunities.
Hughes said he would like to continue the work he has done for Mayfield Schools for the past 16 years.
“I have spent many hours … attending seminars, reading printed and online materials and having in-depth meetings with (the board) and the superintendent and treasurer to assure that we are all on the same page as we move forward (with the new state changes),” he said.
Amy PopikThe News-Herald article Oct. 16

George Hughes for Mayfield Schools

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