Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Janet L. Winslow for Midview School Board

Janet L. Winslow
Winslow, a pharmacist employed by EMH Healthcare, is a member of the EMH Pediatric Committee.
Winslow is an Elyria High School graduate and holds a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from the University of Toledo.
The 40-year-old, married, mother of four has lived and worked in Lorain County her entire life, and says she has a vested interest in the district and the education of its children.
Winslow said with her youngest daughter being 5-years-old, all four of her children will have attended school in the Midview School District in the next 14 years.
“I want to be sure this district is heading in the right direction to give kids in the district the best educational foundation possible,” she added.
If elected, Winslow plans to create open and responsive lines between the school board and district residents being available and responsive by phone or email. By doing so Winslow hopes to have a better understanding of residents' opinions and views, and effectively relay them to the board.
As a board member, Winslow said she will be a “true representative of the community” by listening to and examining questions, concerns or suggestions of residents and will build community confidence and earn their trust by being responsible with funds granted to the board.

-- Eric Bonzar, Morning Journal article from Oct. 4, 2013

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