Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Michael J. Petruziello for Chester Township trustee

Michael J. Petruziello
Petruziello believes his finance and corporate experience in dealing with issues that are important to the survival of corporations helps distinguish him from other candidates.
“I bring to this position that I am seeking an understanding of compromise and understanding the financial difficulties that not only our country is in, but what our state and townships are facing in today’s economy,” Petruziello said in his election questionnaire.
He said that decisions made today will impact future generations to come and he feels many times that elected officials feel they know what is best for the people, but they don’t always listen to the people who elected them.
Petruziello said smaller government is needed along, with accountability and transparent elected officials, and he supports preserving property rights and fiscal responsibility.

-- John Arthur Hutchison, News-Herald article from Oct. 14, 2013

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