Monday, October 21, 2013

Sally Gillmore for West Geauga School Board

Sally Gillmore
If elected, Gillmore said enrollment changes would be a specific area she would like to address.
“Enrollment determines the size of classes, size of buildings, courses offered, staffing and building configurations,” she said. “It causes us to study our needs carefully and move forward prudently. For instance, we can offer a more complete choice of AP and honor classes when enrollment is open to students who help ensure that we have minimum enrollment for these special classes.”
She also would like to further research ways in which students compete academically.
The 2013 graduating senior profile showed 67 percent of graduates entering four-year colleges and 17 percent entering two-year programs and/or the military.
“I would like to see us find ways to ensure the other 15 percent grow in their accomplishments,” she said.
Gillmore believes she should be elected because she is the only candidate or board member who has had classroom experience as a teacher and professional educator.
“I have the history and the foresight to make decisions that enhance our schools with high academic
ratings, financial stability and
facility upkeep funding, all at a time of declining enrollment,” she said.

-- Jean Bonchak, News-Herald article from Oct. 21, 2013

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