Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Donna M. Sudar for Euclid School Board

Donna M. Sudar
Sudar wants to continue to make a difference in the schools through focusing on achievement.
“We have and we will continue to adapt our instruction to meet and address the common core standards,” she said. “I would continue to support our efforts toward higher levels of achievement by monitoring our district’s progress as well as support initiatives that are focused on student achievement.”
If re-elected, she also wants to keep the community informed and promote fiscal responsibility in the schools.
“The district will collect $5.4 million over the next 10 years as a result of the (levy) passing (in 2012),” she said. “It is important to realize that over the last three years, Euclid City Schools have reduced their staff by 12 percent and spending by the district has been reduced by more that $5 million.”
Sudar said she is confident in how the schools operate, the role of a school board member to the district and what needs to be accomplished in challenging times, such as when a levy doesn’t pass.
The 28-year resident has served as president and treasurer for several PTAs, and is a board member at Lake Shore Cooperative Preschool.

-- Amy Popik, News-Herald article from Oct. 7, 2013 

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