Monday, October 14, 2013

Edward W. Kaminski for Hambden Township trustee

Edward W. Kaminski
Kaminski, who has been a trustee for 32 years, said he will continue to be a cost-effective government servant while maintaining a user-friendly government for the residents.
“The major challenge is to maintain a rural atmosphere in Hambden Township as requested by our residents,” he said.
“I will support the zoning resolution and encourage land conservation, continue to provide and improve cost-effective services, such as the Township Park, road improvements, fire/rescue service, cemetery upkeep and good communication through progressive technology updates with no new taxes.”
While on the board, newer trucks to better deal with winter snowstorms have been purchased by using state bid contracts to reduce the cost of vehicles for taxpayers, Kaminski added.
“Equipment has been updated for reliability and efficiency, allowing township employees to be both efficient and safe,” he said.

-- Tracey Read, News-Herald article from Oct. 14, 2013

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