Monday, October 14, 2013

Nadine Pope for Hambden Township trustee

Nadine Pope
Pope, who has been a trustee for the past 12 years, previously spent nearly 10 years as Hambden’s fiscal officer.
Pope said she writes a weekly newspaper column and edits a quarterly township newsletter because one of her priorities is consistently letting residents know what is happening in the township.
“... I was instrumental in having a lighted sign placed in front of the township hall listing all meetings and special events,” she said.
“These things are all to keep our residents informed. I always urge them to attend our township meetings as well, because it is so important that they are involved in the operation of their township.”
Pope said the biggest issue is how to continue to provide the best possible road, park, cemetery, buildings and equipment services to residents without tax increases — while dealing with continued funding cuts.
“We plan and save for all major projects and purchases,” Pope added. “We avoid taking on debt. We use state cooperative pricing and competitive bidding. We replace equipment on a 10-year rotation plan, but always save and have a contingency plan for emergencies.”

-- Tracey Read, News-Herald article from Oct. 14, 2013

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