Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gary G. Gabram for Russell Township trustee

Gary G. Gabram
Gabram said the township’s land use guide plan implemented in 1995 expires in 2015 and he wants the next 20-year zoning plan to carry out the will of residents.
He said a survey earlier this year overwhelmingly supported a continuation of limited commercial along with large residential lots.
Gabram said with local governments experiencing state budget cuts, the township needs to live within its means by taking a close look at every dollar spent, efficient work practices and searching for federal and state grants to ease the cost of specific projects.
“I should be elected based on my proven track record of 20 years as trustee in the past,” Gabram said. “I know what is required to govern the township and my experience in planning, developing needed services, and sound fiscal management can speak for itself.”

-- John Arthur Hutchison, News-Herald article from Sept. 24, 2013

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