Friday, October 18, 2013

Lisa Marie Stickan for Highland Heights City Council at large

Working on communication with residents is a main goal for Stickan.
“While our city makes great efforts to keep residents informed, communication is always something that elected officials should be striving to enhance,” she said, noting that she started quarterly ward meetings with residents to answer questions and provide city updates. “Social media is something I wish to see our city fully utilize and maximize our presence (as well).”
Stickan also has other goals in mind for the betterment of the city, if re-elected.
“Keeping the city on strong fiscal footing, maintaining housing values and maintaining the quality of services provided to residents are important issues facing all council members,” she said. “I will work hard to further these objectives.”
Stickan has experienced and worked through difficult issues that have come before council, learned to be a good listener to residents and wishes to continue her service to the city.
Amy PopikThe News-Herald article from Oct. 18, 2013

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