Thursday, October 17, 2013

Peter N. Glynos for Mayfield School Board

If re-elected, Glynos has three goals he said he would like to achieve during his next term: “expand Mayfield’s Career Technical Programs, expand technology use in the schools and improve student achievement.”
He also said his past experience will help him succeed in the position.
“In the past four years while I’ve been on Mayfield School Board, the board and I have been fiscally responsibly in approving cuts of $3.75 million in savings, expanded our last levy cycle from three years to four years, our state report card has rated the Mayfield Schools Excellent with Distinction, and I have enjoyed attending many classes pertaining to the new state mandates,” he said.
He said he wants to continue to serve because he would “like to continue to be involved in my children’s future.”
Amy PopikThe News-Herald article Oct. 16

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