Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ronald M. Fornaro Jr. for Mayfield School Board

Fornaro would like to focus on keeping the finances in check if he is elected to the school board.
“We need to make sure we are fiscally responsible and look to save money so that we can operate without any tax increases,” he said. “I believe tough choices will need to be made and we will need people in place that can ask the tough questions and strengthen our schools.”
He is looking to increase communication with residents who do not have students in the district by “having quarterly meetings in each of the four district’s communities to provide information and entertain questions.”
He said he has the background and skills to be an asset to the board.
“Residents can be confident that I would look at all options to slow down spending with a goal to strengthen our fiscal foundation,” he said.
- Amy Popik, The News-Herald article Oct. 16

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