Monday, October 21, 2013

R. Robert Umholtz for Kirtland City Council

R. Robert Umholtz
Umholtz has lived in the city 24 years and served on council most of them, including 18 years as president.
In July, he was appointed by the Ohio Supreme Court to the Ohio Public Defenders Commission and is a member of various boards and associations related to his vocation.
He would like to address road maintenance and repair, develop city-owned land on Route 6 for recreation use, and attract an affordable housing development for older city citizens in the downtown district.
“Being a member of council which coordinated efforts with the administration to bring sewers to our downtown area is probably the most significant accomplishment in terms of future economic impact on the city and residents,” he said. “However, the single-most gratifying experience was working with several members of council, representatives of various youth sports leagues and senior citizens to pass the recreation levy.”

-- Betsy Scott, News-Herald article from Oct. 21, 2013

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