Friday, October 18, 2013

Rose Burrello-Gype for Highland Heights City Council ward 3

If elected, Burrello-Gype would like to create a close relationship between the city and the school district.
“I would utilize my relationship with the Mayfield School District to promote additional interaction, support and inclusion between the school and the community by establishing common goals of the city and the school district,” she said. 
She will also work to make sure parks and recreation programs are serving the community and to have open communication with all residents. 
“I would be available through standard forms of communication and social media to listen to and respond to thoughts and concerns of residents,” she said. 
Burrello-Gype said she should be elected because she “possesses the ability and the track record of bringing groups together for a common cause,” is “very accessible to the community” and will “ensure that the city continues to be fiscally responsible”.
Amy PopikThe News-Herald article from Oct. 18, 2013

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