Friday, October 18, 2013

Sean Milroy for Highland Heights City Council at large

Milroy is looking to increase communication with residents if he is elected to council.
He said residents should “be better informed about current issues,” referencing the temporary pool closure over the summer and proposing that an improved solution would have been a “simple email to the pool pass holders to provide information.”
Also, he plans to focus on possible funding methods to improve and maintain infrastructure, as well as cost containment regarding waste collection.
“I would have recycle containers installed at our city park near the ball fields and the pool area (to) save money by recycling all the water and sport drink bottles used in the park,” he said.
Milroy has been a regular attendee of council meetings, and although has not served on council, he said he would “bring a fresh but informed view on the issues facing Highland Heights.”
Amy PopikThe News-Herald article from Oct. 18, 2013

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