Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mark Rhoades, for Berkshire School Board

Mark Rhoades
Rhoades said fiscal responsibility is an area he would like to address.
He also would like “to change the way Berkshire looks at itself, which is nothing more than a public school district.
“We must realize that we are now in competition with online schools, home schoolers, private and parochial schools. We must work toward making Berkshire Schools (where) kids want to attend over their other options.”
He said by attracting parents and students away from other schools Berkshire will become “stronger and will be placed in a better financial situation.”
Rhoades said he has begun researching alternative income streams for school districts.
“The taxpayers are pretty much tapped out,” he said.
“This also ties in with the step that our current board has made, in opening up preliminary talks with the Newbury School district over the possibilities of consolidation.”
He said he regularly attends school board meetings and has sat on the district's audit committee. He has attended seminars on how to be an effective board member.

- Jean Bonchak, The News-Herald article Oct. 1, 2013

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